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SOLD & UPGRADED, Happy Seller & Buyer @ The Bayshore (D16)!!

Hi Mervin

I would like to thank for the effort you have in put in for purchase of my house.
Some words of appreciation . Hope our partnership goes long way.

For majority of us buying a house is attached with emotions . It not only gives you a high of owning a big asset but also a lifetime dream coming true .
We as layman at times are not able to decide whether we are making a worthwhile deal... and there comes the role of  PROPERTY AGENT whom we rely on . 
In my case I would say like to say I have not come across an agent like Mervin whom I can trust completely .
My association with him goes back to nearly 7 yrs when I first owned a 2 Bedroom house. 
I met him 7 yrs back as a normal agent and did not know that partnership can go so long way . 
He not only helped me to sell my existing 2 Bedroom unit but structured the deal in such a way that I could lease back the same house for very reasonable price to avoid the hassle of shifting . Then he helped me to look for 3 Bedroom as an upgrade . I must must say that he made my dream come true. Nearly an impossible house to look for at a reasonable price.
His biggest traits - Calm, patient , thoughtful , realistic , trustworthy and well structured. 
I must share that I was rushing to buy another house but because of his advice I hold on to it. 
Eventually we ended up striking a good deal .
He never pushes you but also familiarize with reality checks . 
I must say HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Agent if you wish to realize your dreams . 

AVP - Deutsche Bank AG 
Singapore Branch


LEASED!! : Happy Tenants @ D'Leedon

Mervin helped my family secure a rental property when moving to Singapore. I cannot recommend Mervin and his services highly enough.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the market and the varied residential areas across Singapore. He questioned and guided us to help focus on what was important and was full of great advice. He challenged and encouraged us to consider areas and types of housing we wouldn’t normally have done which resulted in our family renting a property we would not have considered. We couldn’t be happier and definitely couldn’t have done this without Mervin’s help.

He treated our family with the utmost respect and showed immense patience with us, including our two kids.

Thank-you Mervin.

Vanessa & Anthony Brown

Thank you all for being part of our successful adventure!


Joanne Yeo - Top 200 Producer, Division Champion Top Associate Group Director 
Mervin Tang - 1st Runner Up Top Associate Division Director

Dear Clients, Friends and Cobroker Agents,
 Thank you for your support and trust, we have done it again!!


Dear Clients, Friends and Cobroker Agents,
 Thank you for your support and trust, we have done it again!!

Dear Clients, Friends and Cobroker Agents,

 Thank you for your support and trust, we have done it again!!


LEASED!! : Happy Tenants @ Breeze by The East

"Mervin Tang from Huttons recently helped us find an apartment when we relocated to Singapore. Mervin provided a service that you seldom encounter these days, he was just excellent in every way. He was knowledgable, patient, helpful and always available. I trusted that he had our interests at heart and wanted to find and secure us the best property possible, and where we would enjoy living. I can't recommend Mervin enough and after dealing with Mervin, wouldn't want to use anyone else."

Best wishes,

Brad Verne

Time Warner
International Executive Search


BOUGHT!! : Buyers - The Interlace (D04)

If you've lived in Singapore long enough, you'd know how tricky it is to find a real estate agent you can trust and be comfortable with. We had gone through our list of bad to average ones while renting over the years. Finally when the decision to buy a place was made, we asked friends and co-workers for recommendations. Amrith's boss recommended Mervin to us since he had helped them with their recent purchase. An appointment was made for us to meet him for an initial consultation and Mervin showed up with his notepad and an interesting personality. We spent a good hour discussing what we had in mind and possibilities. During the chat we also discovered he had helped a number of our colleagues with their purchases too.

Through the course of the next few months of apartment-hunting, we changed our mind a few times on location, budget, even investment vs own-stay but nothing seemed to faze Mervin.  

Well, except when we picked locations which he disagreed with and to which his response would usually be
​ ​
"If you insist, I will find you a unit there but I really think the long term potential may not be there".
​ ​
We found he has deep insight into the neighbourhoods with good potential in Singapore and didn't hesitate to share his opinions. 

Long story short, we finally found our perfect home size-wise, price-wise, and location-wise which is nothing short of a miracle in Singapore. Mervin even helped us with finding banking contacts and dealt with the seller's agent on all matters.

As far as agents in Singapore go, Mervin is one of the best and we would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Amrith & Nags


BOUGHT!! : Buyers - Optima @ Tanah Merah

Dear Mervin

Here goes the testimonial :-)

We were very keen to buy a condo during the 2H of 2015. We went though a couple of agents trying to do so but somehow things were not falling in place or going ahead a the pace that we were expecting. 

Then a friend introduced us to Mervin. Right from the start we realized we made a right decision. He was extremely articulate, patient, very knowledgeable about his area, empathetic, strong bias for action & professional. 

During the offers and counter offers, Mervin turned out to be not only our agent, but also a very good negotiator & lawyer, by getting us almost 100% of our asking price. 

Above all, he has 100% earned our trust more than anything else. We are extremely happy and highly recommend Mervin to anyone.

Google - Programs Staffing Lead - APAC

+ Mervin

Maureen : Firstly a big thanks to you too. You just have been super fantastic in terms of explaining every aspect of the loan & guiding me at every step. I hope to get the continued support from you till we close this deal 100% & in future as well :-). I will connect up with Alaen sometime next month. By then I think, I would just go ahead with opening the account & getting a OCBC credit card (we can talk more later).

Mervin: Thanks for connecting me to Maureen. As I mentioned earlier, on a professional front, she is just your replica...fast, accurate, 100% accountable & amazing consultant. I am just too lucky to have got the opportunity to work with both of you in this project.

Mr.Eric : You are really lucky to have people like Maureen working for you. She's just an amazing professional who has extremely good knowledge of her field. It's also great to see OCBC having partners like Mervin, who redefine what "sales" is all about. 

Sanjeev Somasundaram


LEASED!! : Tenants - Altez

We contacted Mervin and Joanne when our landlord in a previous condo had given us notice, and we had less than a month to find a new place to live. From our first conversation, they had instantly put us at ease. They are incredibly professional, reliable and knowledgeable, and helped us to secure a beautiful new condo for a great price in record time. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and they went above and beyond the normal duties of agents to make the move as easy and stress free as possible. From helping us with the negotiation, air con quotes and handover of keys, they have a high attention to detail and ensure everything is perfect. Since moving in they regularly check up to see if everything's okay, and I am confident that they will continue to offer fantastic service until the end of our tenancy.

There is no comparison between previous agents we have used to Mervin and Joanne, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you and happy holidays to you all!


LEASED!! : Tenants – The Laurels

Thank you Joanne & Mervin!

Moving to another country on the other side of the planet is a big adventure in itself, combined with a lot of uncertainty and thing you easily may forget.
Finding a place to live in a completely new city to make you feel at home therefore is critical and needs professional advice based on trust and credibility. That is where Mervin & Joanne come into the play:

Without any clue on who to contact we went to a well known Singapore Property Website and decided to just contact some agents listed on that site to get our search for a place to live started.
While few agents did not reply at all, few came back weeks later. Not Joanne and Mervin! After literally 4 hours – it must have been very early  in Singapore then – Joanne replied with a very personal e-mail giving extremely useful advice for us on how to proceed as we only had about four days during a stopover in Singapore to find and decide for a place.  Joanne and Mervin’s promise was: “Trust us, we will make it happen for you and from now on we will be your one-stop service when it comes to your search”

Now, lets see when we arrive we thought to ourselvees, being people who do not easily believe in such marketing messages. But what we then experienced in terms of service absolutely went far beyond our highest expectations. In short, with Joanne and Mervin’s help we found our place to live and where we felt home from the very beginning. During search we did not waste one minute of our time because they pre-selected the exact right places to see that would potentially meet our requirements. Both of them just asked the right questions to find out what we want, observed closely how we reacted to certain places and adjusted the upcoming visits accordingly. Once we found our place, the transaction went smoothly and we were feeling well advised and serviced by them even beyond getting the agreements signed. Even today both of them are constantly availbale for us with advice and should anything with our place not run smoothly. Thank you Mervin and Joanne for making our start such an easy one!

Here is why we highly recommend their services:
(1)    The Professionalism: They know their job, the market and they know exactly what they are doing!
(2)    The Service: They are truly focussed on your well-being. True service is when you start feeling they read your mind. Yes, this is the case!
(3)    The End-to-end thinking: They know the hurdles and questions you have, especially coming from abroad. They have answers ready and even in difficult situations come up with a solution for you!

Thank you!

Ralf – Executive at a leading global consultancy company
Jessica – Financial Controller at a leading global technology company


SOLD!! Buyer – Costa Del Sol

Mervin Tang - A friend, consultant and a guide !

My wife and I found Mervin's contacts online, and, he was an expert in everything Bayshore Road. We had already met a couple of agents by then, even viewed a couple of units, and, we would come back home and nod our heads in dismay - there was something amiss. The agents were, well, just that - agents and I did not even get a sense that they had our best interests in mind - they seem to be in a hurry to make a sale !

And, in walks Mervin, like a breath of fresh air. There was a pleasant vibe, driven largely by his command on the subject - he really was an expert and partly also due to his personality - he was a friend first, a consultant ( and, not just an agent ) and a guide. Through the viewings, negotiations on the unit, repeat visits to short listed places and a final submission of our intent ( and beyond ), Mervin guided us, played the field as an expert would and helped us find our preferred unit, the one which would be our dream home, soon.

He was never rushed, was flexible and accommodative, patient with all the zillion questions, humored the unrealistic agents on the sellers' side often and made sure he had our best interest in mind.

It was a delight working with him. Well done, Mervin and Thank YOU :-)

Cheers / Prasad


LEASED!! - Chancery Court

"J &M make a great team.  As partners in more ways than one, they work hand-in-glove with each other and with us.  In her advanced stage of pregnancy, J was tirelessly showing our house to potential tenants.  During her maternity leave, M stepped into what was a seamless transition with a running start.  M successfully negotiated a tenancy agreement and was readily available for post-closing odds and ends.  J&M found a good tenant, obtained good terms, and closed fairly quickly.  3 months in a slow leasing season is an achievement only top performers can talk about.  We thank them for a job well done and wish J&M & family all the very best during this holiday season"

- G


LEASED!! – Tenant Rivergate Condominium

Hi Mervin,

I just want to thank you for all of your assistance. You have been extremely helpful throughout, guiding us at every stage of the process of relocation.
Without your help it would have been much more stressful and difficult.

We cannot recommend your service highly enough. I’ll definitely recommend your service to friends & clients ( Foreign Candidates ) that  I place into Singapore in the future.

I am happy to write this on the internet or other if it helps?

Ewa recommended you on facebook ; )

Best Regards,
David Lancefield | Managing Director

SOLD!! Seller - Costa Del Sol


I have engaged Mervin as my property agent to sell my Costa Del Sol's

high-floor unit
blk 78, #24-22 early July.  He comes across as a very hardworking, reliable
knowledgeable professional in discharging his duties as a selling agent.

In just within a month , he managed to find a couple of potential buyers
and had
the deal successfully completed in such challenging market conditions.

We are pleased with his services and will recommend his services to any
looking to buy or sell their homes.

Cheers, Daniel


LEASED!! Tenant – Vista Residences

To: To, Bach-Nga
Subject: Testimonial

Joanne and Mervin were recommended to us via a colleague who relocated to Sg a few months ago. and We have been more than lucky and delighted to have their support for this transitioning period.

Of course: they have been perfectly professional, absolutely reactive and  good advisors, with lots of patience and a very strong understanding of client requirements and constraints. But moreover, they have been very helpful in providing additional and pragmatic guidance for any other relocation issues to Sg.

We found our family apart within 7 days, starting from scratch; at an unexpectedly good pricing, received incredible support for all administrative duties related to the transaction... and everything always in the smoothest way possible.. What to say more ? Please reach out to us - no doubt we will recommend their services to anybody looking for housing services!

BN and Sebastian


SOLD!! – Seller The Bayshore

To Whom It May Concern

My wife and I had a great pleasure to work with Mr Mervin Tang during a sale process of our apartment in The Bayshore.  We learned about Mr Tang through the Property Guru web site, where we tried to get an idea how to sell our property. Within several experts for East Cost recommended to us we contacted few of them, and swift reply came from Mr Tang.
Back then, a year and half ago; we were not serious sellers as the asking price was well above the market price.  Nevertheless contact has been noted and six months ago we contacted Mr Tang again, still asking slightly over the market price, but his committed to do a job approach gave us an assurance that he will do his best to sell it.

Within a day our apartment was not only photographed but visited by two potential buyers. Since our property was tenanted Mr.Tang carefully handled all visits so tenants were least disturbed. The biggest hurdle was that we were overseas so the whole of conversation was through emails and phone calls.

Thanks to Mr Tang diligent and diplomatic approach to all parties involved the deal was quickly done, a record price for that kind of apartment reached and all parties were happy.  Paperwork which is usually quite painful, thanks to Mr Tang was an easy-flowing job as well.
It is our utmost pleasure to highly recommend Mr Mervin Tang a Senior Marketing Associate at Huttons Asia for whoever wants to buy/sell a property in Singapore.

Mr.Ivan & Ms.Olga
mob +90 541 514 90 4


LEASED & SOLD!! : Tenant, Buyer @ Costa Del Sol                                                                                                                             

Dear Mervin,

I am writing to express my gratitude for your excellent service and to recommend you, Mervin Tang from Huttons Real Estate to anyone looking for an apartment in Singapore.
On my arrival from Australia I had very limited time to source a place to live due to work commitments, and you exceeded my expectations with every interaction we had due to your acute attention to detail, knowledge of the rental market and customer service.

It was such a relief to deal with an agent who so obviously had my best interests at heart and was able to source appropriately priced apartments, with the facilities I was looking for, and organize viewings with just 1-2 days notice.
With only 24 hours notice you were able to organize viewing of apartments the following evening and close a successful rental agreement within 36 hours at the price I was aiming for.

You are a realistic and fair agent who kept me updated with every development in my apartment search. You organized appropriate viewings (price and quality) very quickly, explained the timeline, negotiated the contract, organized all repairs before moving in, and prearranged utilities to be changed to my name.
Thank you for taking the worry out of my apartment search.

John Neilson
Head of Enterprise Design Authority Asia & Africa
Architecture & Strategy Group, Barclays Bank


Hi Mervin

We would sincerely like to thank you for assisting us in the recent purchase of our apartment. Given our pressure to move from our previous location, your calm demeanor, knowledge of our preferred condo and professional capability to guide us through the purchasing process has made the buying experience for us seamless that was also met within a tight deadline.

Given our positive experience in purchasing, which was a direct result of your professionalism, we continue to enjoy our new apartment and are satisfied that it's the best decision we have made for ourselves.

Three years ago was the first time you came to our aid as newly arrived expats searching for a home in a sea of condos.  With your astuteness of our needs and again tight deadlines, you were able to narrow down a favorable location and even more favorable condo.

Through both occasions which were highly stressful and pressured times, you were able to keep your calm, source the relevant information from us, listen to our needs and deliver appropriately.  For this we are very grateful and we regularly recommend your services to friends and acquaintances who need a property agent.
John Neilson
Head of Enterprise Design Authority Asia & Africa
Architecture & Strategy Group, Barclays Bank

LEASED & SOLD: Leased Vertex, Sold 368 Thompson                                                                                                                              

"We have an industrial property in the Ubi area that was vacant for a few months but Mervin and his team managed to find us several potential tenants within weeks. His attention to the follow up issues between landlord and tenant is excellent and we will definitely engage his services again!"
Director, Property Investment Company                                                                                                                              
"Our purchase of 368@Thomson was successful largely due to Mervin's step by step explanation of the balloting and sale process for this property. His assistance with the selection process was priceless and we got the unit of our choice!"

Mr & Mrs Bala

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